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Lee Ho Plaza office bu
Lee Ho intelligence Plaza Building 26-85.1 square meters in the sale of an ensemble of A office space, average about 6,000 yuan / square meter, B Floor, 26-85 s

Fitch Fuxing City in t
City is located in Fuxing Fitch 28 Xu Dong Avenue, Wuchang (Wang Jia Dun Station), City Fuxing Fitch hardcover in the sale of 63-300 square meters of existing h

The usage of office entr
Hope hasten auspicious avoids fierce, urge a flourishing money, criterion the position of company gate passageway, must what layout is giving birth to flourishi

Annals showed 2007: Esta
Although the apiration buying a room of at present consumer drops into trough, your estate company feels quite headache, but be in at least 2007, they or big ea

Office building protects
Office building appreciation and protecting a value is to pass property government service to come true, include Chinese Hong Kong inside a lot of office buildi

Beijing: Property servic
Afterwards is called " passing standard " and " compulsory exercise " after Beijing property serves primary standard to was carried out on January 1, city is bu

Pan Shige: "The liberati
"' the liberation army ' came eventually, fortunately, will so that return do not calculate late. " 15 days of dusks, after be informed the message that the Cen

Pan Shige: Chinese house
Adjust with building city accompany, local land income falls point-blank. General theatrical work decreases land income China of     SOHO (Pan Shige weighed 0

100 million large sheet

Hangzhou: Hill of Weng p
4 yuan / month) rose 7.12% . Arch villa area and on of the city zone rent clinch a deal the week before quantity annulus is compared has 21.43% and of 7.14%

Floor price returns the
Although will look from data, shenzhen is secondhand of room market clinch a deal the quantity begins to pick up somewhat. But actually, "Warm wind " under the

Second commerce of the f
The investment with praedial to Russia commerce foreign country increased 2.5 times 2007, achieve 15 billion dollar, 18% what occupy a foreign country to invest